Lucille Ann Cerretta/Braha

Painting these shoes are what got me up and walking.


watercolor and graphite on rag paper gold tone old fashion oval frame.

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An Artist's Renaissance

by Bill Hawkins
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Sun Sentinel


Creativity, therapy and experimental drugs help a crippled rheumatiod arthritis
sufferer. Pain is a part of Lucille Cerretta's daily existence, but she'd
rather adjust to it than face the alternative. Twelve years ago, Lucille,
then 37 was crippled so badly she barely could leave her bed. Medication did
not help; some thinned her blood so much that she almost died.

But that was then. Today, anyone looking at the active soccer Mom and
accomplished artist wouldn't suspect she faces any medical challenge.

"A lot of factors have changed my life, but I am just grateful to face each
new day and really believe that I will be around a long time to see my twin
boys grow up," says Cerretta.

New experimental drugs, physical therapy, special finger braces and focusing
considerable effort on her artistic talents have combined to give her a
second chance.

"Art has saved my life in many ways." she said. "Watercolor, like life, is
unpredictable. It's full of imperfections, but that doesn't mean to give up
on it. It only makes it more beautiful."

"When I was first diagnosed with rheumatiod arthritis, I wanted to cry and was mad at
my doctor and the world," she said. That was in 1987, when she first noticed
pain in her knees. Initial treatment eased the pain, but in 1990 it was back
-worst than ever- and her career as a hairdresser was at stake. "Here I was,
making a living using my hands, and I ended up not only being able to not
use my hands, but my whole body shut down," she said.

Cerretta had to give up her career and the future seemed dim. "I've been
lucky to have my doctor, his expertise and new experimental drugs that are
working," said Cerretta who undergoes regular injections and daily doses of
pills. That and the help of finger braces allow her to actively pursue her

Many articles have been printed about Lucille Ann Cerretta's journey as a artist with Rheumatiod arthritis.

She spoke before the FDA, March 4, 2003, to keep biologic drugs on the market.


Lucille Ann Cerretta's art work and story has been featured in the doctor direct mailings for the drugcalled "Humira" by Abbott Labs.

A biologic drug used in the treatment of RA.

Brochure produced by, Torre Lazur McCann/Chicago.

November, 2003

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Click the tiki painting check out her "Tiki Series"


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